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From Over 50 Years a Consolidated Reality

The company Alliano Impianti originated in 1970 thanks to the young entrepreneur Giovanni Alliano who was then little more than 20 years. In that time the burgeoning market, the ability, the will and perseverance of Giovanni immediately make the Alliano one of the most important electrical reality of the area.

In the late ’90s, after finishing his studies he fits in the family’s son Giampietro that while keeping the feet firmly on the tracks marked by the father tries to take even the way of corporate renewal.

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  • Problem Solving Problem Solving The ability to solve the customer's needs quickly without compromising quality
  • Staff Staff Highly qualified, with many years experience and constant technical updating
  • Vanguard Vanguard Always the latest equipment, to support the major current technological load
  • Research Research Research and development is the key to our reality, always looking to the future

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