A Big Family

The company Alliano Impianti originated in 1970 thanks to the young entrepreneur Giovanni Alliano who was then little more than 20 years. In that time the burgeoning market, the ability, the will and perseverance of Giovanni immediately make the Alliano one of the most important electrical reality of the area.

In the late ’90s, after finishing his studies he fits in the family’s son Giampietro that while keeping the feet firmly on the tracks marked by the father, tries to take even the way of corporate renewal.

From these ideas, to better serve the customer in 2000 founded the design studio that be the way to a whole series of technological advances that lead the company to provide almost exclusive services in the territory.

Today, after almost 50 years, we are still here, ready to serve to renew ourselves to strive to offer a service that can make a difference forever!

Experience and Reliability

For nearly 50 years, we operate in the field of industrial and civil electrical plant.

The best big companies in the Piedmont entrust us for years important works sure to have made the right choice as always.

Not only industry it considered a landmark, but also public and private entities, who want a professional and a blur quality over time.

Cutting-edge technologies

Technical department specialized designers, always studying new solutions to customer requests.

New software and networking make our also operating pole a structure able to operate remotelyto the customer. The professionals are equipped with the best equipment for the best achievement in compliance with the most demanding standards: a low-impact vibrating hand-arm system, detectors of dangerous gases (hydrogen sulfide), restraint systems for work at heightwith accelerometer, generating set silenced, motor winches pull-cables combustion.

Staff constantly updated

The Alliano Impianti has taken care of especially the safety and health at the workplace of its staff through constant training, with courses given by specialized trainers, from internal meetings for security and with a budget of equipment and individual devices and collective protection constantly managed for the best efficiency.

We are Specialists in:

Industrial Plants
Civil Systems
Construction of plants preparations



Alliano Giovanni


Mail: giovanni.alliano@tin.it

Phone: +39.0143.47341


Alliano Giampietro


Mail: giampietro.alliano@allianoimpianti.it

Phone: +39.0143.47341

Our Strengths:

Pistelli Tiziana
Calvi Gianluca
Planning Service Responsible
Dambra Giuseppe
Planning Service Responsible
Alloisio Domenico
Shipyards manager